Tuesday, May 29, 2012


What would I do without my iphone? I ask myself that question alot these days. I flew out to NYC last weekend to meet up with a friend for some adventures in the city and even though I brought my dslr (and hauled it around everyday in my bag on the subway and walking 76725283 blocks around the city) I didn't even take any photos with it! It's like I had a mental lapse and forgot it was in my bag. Instead, my iphone got a workout. I'm convinced it's because of how easily I can use instagram to prettify my photos on the spot and share them via twitter and facebook right away. 

Anyways, now to the good stuff. I spent 3 days galavanting around NYC having fun and eating way too much food. Chips & guac everyday for lunch? Yes please! Desert instead of dinner? You betcha. I just pretended that the amount of walking and laughing I did negated all the calories. I hadn't been to NYC in a few years and I forgot how much I loved the city & the vibe & excitement of it all.

Here are the highlights via instagram...

driving to our hotel in times square on day 1 at 11:11 am. i made a wish.

may or may not have had tim horton's twice in one day. can we please get one on the west coast?

matching wrap bracelets. 

this awesome place called max brenner's that has the owner's face on the napkins. this is where i had desert for dinner.

the only dairy-free option on the menu. good thing i love dark chocolate & churros!

washington square park. living out my high school dream of attending nyu.

outside my new favorite clothing store LF. glad there is one in LA.

how cute is this headband? cute, but not cute enough for it's price tag!

saw an off-broadway show starring Aaron Carter. my 13 year old self was dying inside!

met Jude Law outside of a diner where he was filming his latest movie. he's perfection.

these came home with me!!

and finally, no trip to the city is complete without a stroll through times square! until next time new york.

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