Friday, June 8, 2012

Clothes Overload

Last month I was complaining about having clothes everywhere and how I had no clue where to put them or what to do with them. I was also sick of the fact that despite having a closet that spans at least 10 feet (it's my whole wall people!!) and a fairly large dresser, I had a pile of clean clothes sitting in my laundry basket that I literally had no where to put. I was frustrated, yet I had just brought home 5 new summer pieces from Express that day. Something needed to change.

After hearing my frustrations,  my mom sent me an email about a woman who didn't purchase any clothing for 6 months. Instead, she spent the time evaluating what she had, purging what she didn't like and figuring out what her own unique style was.

After looking at that article about Lyz and her "no pants" challenge, I headed to her website and did some more reading. I was intrigued by the idea and the challenge of not purchasing any new clothes for awhile and really evaluating the pieces I have and coming up with new ways to mix and match them. I find that despite having an overload of clothes, I wear the same pieces, the same way, over and over again.  I have too much to sort through and most of the time, I can't even find the pieces I'm looking for.

The final straw was seeing such great clothing basics style boards on Pinterest like this one


and this one

and coming up with so many cute ways to mix and match the pieces to create awesome outfits. It made me realize that having way too much clothing was hampering my creativity and less really was more. All you need are some wardrobe basics in coordinating color palettes and some very cute accessories.

I was so over my closet, so I decided to do 3 things this month:

No. 1) Not buy any new clothes for June (and i want pastel skinny jeans!! must. resist.)

No. 2) Go through my closet & evaluate the pieces I have (are they worn out, do they fit, do I even like them anymore, do I need them, are they even my style?)

No. 3) sell my name brand rejects on ebay or at plato's coset & donate the rest.

We are now 7 days into June and so far, I'm doing good on No. 1. No new pretties have made their way into my closet & I've even evaluated a few recent purchases that still had tags on and returned them to the store.

Last weekend, I emptied out my closet and conquered No. 2. It was chaos!

I came up with 2 bags full of clothes to donate. I first stopped by Plato's Closet since I have had success in the past selling clothing there. They only bought 2 pieces, but $7 is better than nothing!

I also have about 20-30 pieces that I want to put on ebay. Hello weekend project to complete No. 3.

However, my closet is still overflowing. I think I may need to repeat No. 2 asap. I still have so many t-shirts and while they are all different, and most in good condition, I am planning on donating a ton of them because I can't wear them all and I'd rather wear my cute tops then plain old t-shirts anyways! I also have pieces from high school in my closet. Embarrassing!!

Check back to see my progress and weekly closet updates!

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