Sunday, June 17, 2012


Where oh where did this week go? I had every intention of blogging, but the days got away from me! I also went to 2 events this week right after work (posts coming soon) and didn't get home 'til late each night, so no time to write.

Anyways, here are some highlights & everyday adventures of my week ;)

Frozen banana softserve! All that is in this bad boy is bananas & a strawberry on top. So delicious & makes me feel like  I get to enjoy the best part of summer - ice cream on hot days!

I have a new favorite beach spot in Laguna! It is so relaxing to watch the surf roll in & see surfers catching some waves. I left wanting to learn to surf really bad!

New black flats from Ross! So cute and comfy and cheap! Love that.

I love fortune cookies! Excited to see what this week holds!

Pretty stationary. I love mailing letters & notes. I sent one to my friend's mom and one to my grandma :)

Rocking the side knot on one of my favorite t-shirts!! Sun Record Company is the label that launched Elvis Presley's career. I wore this shirt with a black maxi.

Does anyone use their iPhone to take photos of magazine articles they want to remember or check out later? I do it all the time! Thank goodness for the iphone.

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  1. Love the flats! I gotta try the knot thing! Envious that you are near the beach!!!