Thursday, June 21, 2012

Last Friday Night

last Friday night
yeah we danced on tabletops 
and we took too many shots 
think we kissed but I forgot

last Friday night

yeah we maxed our credit cards 
and got kicked out of the bar 
so we hit the boulevard
last Friday night

Just kidding, last Friday night wasn't that wild, but I did have a pretty fun time. I saw one of my favorite bands, Parachute, in concert. outdoors. for free. nothing beats that! 

If you are in the LA area, Citywalk at Universal Studios has free outdoor concerts every Friday all summer long. The line-up can be found here

If you are a fan of Parachute, high five. If you have never heard of them, you NEED to check them out.  I mean even Taylor Swift is a fan! They are an awesome band and crazy, talented musicians. This was my third time seeing them perform live and they never disappoint! 
note to self: next time you see them, wear heels ;) 

If you want to check them out, this is my favorite song from their latest album:

dear will,  you are sooo swoon worthy. see you next time. xx.

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