Thursday, July 19, 2012

a little R&R

I spent the past 11 days back home in Michigan visiting family and friends. It was so nice to get away from work and all the stresses of daily life and unwind. I didn't even take my macbook with me in an effort to disconnect from everything for a bit. I even managed to stay away from Facebook & Twitter for the most part (huge for me) and let me tell you, it was so nice!!

I got to hang out with my dog, the super cute bichon friese Rocky, everyday!
he's the cutest!
We also had a BBQ one day for some of my family as a late fourth of July celebration. My dad manned the grill cooking up burgers & hotdogs.
 I, however, did not eat any of these burgers! I had a morningstar farms breaded chicken patty instead! 
and while my dad was grilling, my mom & I had a mini photo shoot. I was trying to teach her how to use a dslr. For every blurry photo that ended up on my camera we got a few clear ones! win in my book :) oh and summer twirly dresses are fun!
My grandma out on the back patio enjoying the sun.
 My other cute grandma getting ready to take off at the end of the night.
Later in the week, we headed up to Ann Arbor to meet my uncle for dinner and walk around. I love the Michigan campus. It is so beautiful and brings back so many great memories of college.  We strolled through Nickels Arcade.
 Ann Arbor has so much character.
 The legend at Michigan is if you step on the M before your first blue book (essay test) you will fail it. I avoided stepping on it all 4 years of college. The best part was in winter when there was snow on the ground. People would walk way around the center of the Diag in order to avoid it since they couldn't see it. However, the day I graduated, one of the first things I did was walk over to it and step all over it!
 The diag is tree filled and lovely
 My parents in front of the Graduate Library
 Pretty wild flowers.
 and fountains.
 Go Blue!
We  strolled along State Street, 
 and by the Michigan Theater.
 Near the end of my week at home, we headed up to Northern Michigan for a few days of lake living. Even though I live 10 minutes from the beach & ocean in California and go just about every weekend, nothing beats the fresh water lakes and small town life of Northern Michigan!
Stopped to smell some gorgeous flowers!
It was a great week in the Mitten state and I came back to California refreshed and ready to get back to everyday life (even though I do miss home).

More to come tomorrow about my trip in InstaFriday!! It always amazes me the amount of photos I take on my iphone!

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