Wednesday, July 4, 2012

in my bag

I love a good purse dump. I'm always so curious to see what is in other people's bags. It's also one of the only reasons I will thumb through an US Weekly, for their purse dumps! I especially love seeing what celebrities carry in their bags. I think it tells alot about a woman based on what she is willing to lug around everyday as extra weight! 

Here is what's in my Zara cross body bag:

Physicians Formula organic powder and Lola Cosmetics brush
shine is the enemy!!

2 iPhones
One is personal and one is for work. The cases are two different textures so it makes it easier to find the one I'm looking for when digging through my bag. 

Nivea Soft Moisturizing Creme 
Perfectly sized for my bag.

Eye Drops
Contacts + dry eyes + allergies isn't always fun, but these help!

Neutrogena SPF 70 sunscreen
I am paranoid when it comes to the sun. I like being pale.


EOS lip sphere
I shared my love for this little gem here.

Ricola cough drops
My sinuses and allergies are always going crazy so I try to keep a few of these on hand for any mild sore throats.

Zebra Sarasa gel pen
I am obsessed with these pens. I have them in every color. I love the way they make my writing look so pretty.

L'Oreal Infallible lipgloss in coral sands

Revlon lipstick is Ravish Me Red

Neutrogena Naturals lip balm

emory board

Estee Lauder MagnaScopic Travel Size Mascara

Secret clinical deodorant

bobby pins
For when my hair won't stay out of my face

a fortune from a fortune cookie

Peppermint gum from Starbucks 
I was desperate!

Clear & Clear oil absorbing sheets
Perfect for freshening up my makeup.

EmergenC & Align
To keep my immunity up and my tummy happy.

two flash drives
Not sure why I have two of these or why they are in my bag.

Rayban wayfarers
Favorite. shades. ever. nothing beats this classic, iconic style.

Dooney & Bourke small coin case
I love that I can loop this mini wallet around my finger or keys and not have to carry my whole bag around. It fits all my cards perfectly.

beaded wrap bracelet from LF

Goodness, that was alot. I also usually have my iphone earbuds in there (left in the car after the gym today), tons of receipts, a bottle of water and usually a few Luna or Clif bars, depending on what my day looks like and how long i'll be out and about. I'm always prepared with food! I've come to realize that it's easier to have something on me to eat then trying to find a dairy free, meat free option if I'm at the park, fair, concert, sporting event, etc where it's slim pickings!


  1. Hi! I saw your comment on my blog - Runaway Style - and thought I would return the gesture! So cool we both live in the same area!
    I am a new follower & definitely love the purse dump! I might do one myself.


  2. I LOVE that Neutrogena sunscreen! And btw, basically half of these things may or may not also be in MY bag. ;)