Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's been awhile

Why hello there. It has been a while. I have had a bad case of writer's block. I've sat down to write numerous time over the last month and have just been struggling thinking I have nothing to write about. Then I think about what I have been doing & it's like "hello!! Why didn't you bring your camera? You have done some cool & interesting things the past few weeks!" So frustrating! My goal for this month is to bring my dslr out more and put it to use. I did have my trusty iphone so below is the recap of the past month via instagram. 

In my last blog post, I talked about how I wanted to get back on my exercise schedule and get to the gym more. I think that goal was accomplished last month!  I went 19 out of 31 days in August. I did kind of slack the last 2 weeks of August though. :/
I ate lunch at a really cool English Pub called The Olde Ship. The inside and outside made me feel like I was actually in London. It was a pretty cool experience and I tried all kinds of appetizers I had never heard of before. For my main entree I got the classic fish & chips. Can't go to an English Pub and not eat that!
I wanted to find a way to take that phone booth home with me. Loved it!
"A pub is a state of mind"
I also went to California Adventure to check out Carsland once my Disney pass opened back up in mid August! It was really cool and totally felt like you were transported to Radiator Springs. Sadly all the wait times were super long so I didn't go on any of the new rides while there, but that is the beauty of having a pass! I can't wait until fall when the park empties out & I can go on the rides.
We did however hit up the giant Mickey Ferris Wheel over by the pier in California Adventure. It was my first time riding the swinging cart on the wheel and it was scary and nauseating!!
Last weekend I hung out with one of my old roommates from college in LA. This beautiful car was in front of me on the freeway. 
We went to this super cool street festival in the Hollywood & Vine area called Hester Goes Hollywood. It's based out of NY and they brought it out to the West Coast for a few weekends this summer. It was super cute with lots of vendors selling homemade and vintage goods and they had live music and some delicious food trucks. We ate at a Maine lobster truck & I had some awesome lobster tacos. It was so hot though so we didn't last very long there. I sadly was sweating too much to remember to snap some photos!
After the fair, we headed to the Grove, aka one of my favorite places to people watch! People in LA either dress like they are trying too hard or they aren't trying at all and the tourists are very entertaining as well. We got a patio table at Morel's and enjoyed some delicious sangria. 
I also headed up to Universal Studios Citywalk for their Friday Night Concert series to see one of my favorite bands, The Cab, perform. They were fabulous, as always! If you haven't heard of them, you need to youtube them! They just landed a new record deal and an opening spot for Maroon 5 on their World Tour! So excited for them! 
I enjoyed a lazy Saturday morning at Starbucks enjoying unsweetened passion tea (healthy!!) and reading.
I went bowling!
Headed down to Encinitas/San Diego for Taco Thursday and live music.
And finally, lesson learned, if you are getting on a toll road don't pay the machine with a $20 bill. You will get $14 worth of dollar coins! I'm just glad they weren't all quarters! My purse was heavy for a few days after this! ;)
Here's to more regular updates moving forward!

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