Friday, September 14, 2012

summertime = baseball

I love baseball. There's nothing better in the summertime then heading to the park, getting a pretzel and beer and watching some baseball. I rounded out my time at the ballpark this season this past weekend with back to back games to see my hometown Detroit Tigers take on my new town LA Angels of Anaheim. It was my 4th and 5th game of the summer and the Angels ended up sweeping the series against the Tigers.
I had pretty nice club seats and my friend Angelina went with me to the Friday Night game.
Angels on the field stretching after batting practice
7th inning stretch photoshoot. We had 3 or 4 foul balls hit right around us but sadly we didn't catch any!
The Angels have fireworks after every Friday night game and they were pretty spectacular! The entire show was set to Springsteen and the stadium was rocking. Nothing better than baseball & Bruce.
On Saturday, my college roommate Meaghan went to the game with me. We had some awesome seats along the foul line near right field. I braved the Angels crowd and wore a Michigan shirt. Older men definitely didn't hold back their feelings toward me and I got verbally accosted a few times :(
It was a gorgeous night at the ballpark. If only the Tigers won...

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