Sunday, October 21, 2012

anthropologie - i love you

dear anthropologie, i love you.

i love your awesome unique window displays that always lure me into your store. 
 i love that you have a new interior setup that makes you now look like a coffee bar on the inside. please serve real coffee. nordstrom's does. that would make shopping at you even sweeter. 
i like how your displays are always spot on. and make me want to buy 183719823 little bowls in as many fun colors as i can find. 
 i love that you love owls. because i do too. especially cookie jar owls. yum.  
and i love that you don't support real taxidermy (i'm a pescatarian) but i fully support that you support faux taxidermy. paper mache is awesome.
 i also love your collection of coffee table books. particularly this one. i wanted it to come home with me.

and finally, i love that you have so many cool knick-nacks and odds and ends that i forget to even look at the clothes. my bank account loves you for this. until next time. xo.

in case you didn't guess, i made a trip to anthropologie this weekend. it was perfect. i had a warn soy chai tea latte in my hand as i was browsing, it was lightly raining outside (a rarity in southern california), and i had this song stuck in my head. maybe because of the rain. or maybe because it's just an awesome song.

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