Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Beauty Wishlist

Little Miss Wanderlust's Fall Beauty Wishlist

Today finally felt like fall in Southern California. It was drizzly, chilly and overcast. I was even able to wear my riding boots with thick cozy socks without sweating as soon as I put them on. In honor of it FINALLY starting to feel like my favorite season, I thought I would share my fall beauty wishlist today. These are all items I've had my eye on the past couple of weeks as it transitions to cooler weather. Some are splurges and some are super affordable, but I hope to add at least a few to my beauty/skin care routine over the next few months.

Philosophy Pumpkin Pie Body Wash - Shampoo - Bubble Bath
I am in LOVE with the smell of this. I have walked into Sephora the last few times I have been at the mall just to smell this. It smells like everything Fall should be. I have wanted to buy it so badly, but I just can't justify the $16 price tag for body wash/shampoo. But it's on my splurge list for sure.

Revlon Matte Lipstick in Really Red
I have talked about my favorite red revlon lipstick before here and here, but this one is matte where the other one is shiny. I think this is the perfect fall lipcolor. 

Egyptian Magic
This is another one of those beauty products that I look at every time I go to Whole Foods. Ever since reading this article about Taylor Schilling (who I think has perfect skin), I have wanted to try this. It has a price tag of $40 so I haven't purchased it yet. My skin tends to dry out as the weather cools down and this "miracle" royal jelly is super moisturizing, so it's definitely on my wishlist.

Origins Clear Improvement Mask
I am one of those people that like to read alot of reviews on a beauty product and try a sample of it before I commit to purchasing it. Last time I was in the Origins store, the sales lady introduced me to this product. I went home and looked it up and this mask had such glowing reviews on the Origins website that I think I am going to buy it to add to my fall skincare routine. It promises to draw out impurities with charcoal and reduce pore size & redness. win win win.

OPI French Quarter for Your Thoughts
I had my nails painted this color about a month ago when I treated myself to a manicure and I really liked it. It is a great gray for fall and almost looks gray-green in the light. This will probably be the only new nail color I buy for Fall.

My hair has been frizzy and dry lately and I have a friend that swears by this for her hair so it is definitely on my wishlist for the cooler months when my hair is drier. 

Kiehl's Lip Balm #1
I love trying new lip balms and this one is thick and moisturizing. Perfect for when the weather changes!

What's on your Fall beauty wishlist?

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