Friday, October 12, 2012


This week was a week of concerts. I went to three. This photo was from The Black Keys show. They were incredible live and they put on an awesome show.
I also went to back to back shows on "The Boys of Summer" tour in San Diego and Anaheim.
Nothing better than live music and a high energy band.
I saw this little cutie - Cameron - who sings and plays guitar in the band Hollywood Ending. He is 18 and told me I was adorable. I then proceeded to tell him I was 25 ;)
Miss Friday herself, Rebecca Black, was also at the show. "It's Friday, Friday, everyone get down on Friday" was stuck in my head the rest of the night.
The side of the venue in Anaheim had this awesome massive graffiti piece on it.
Hanging in San Diego with my friend Tiffani who took me as her guest to both shows.
The clouds looked 3D on the drive home from work. 
Instagram Prints!
Sat in Starbucks for a few hours and read all about Mr. Gyllenhaal while drinking passion fruit iced tea. 
I liked this text that was in Details. Grabbed my iphone and snapped.

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