Saturday, November 3, 2012


sometimes i get so busy living life i forget to blog. but the whole point of my blog is to have something to look back on as a timeline of where i'm at right now in life. my goal this month is to get back into a better posting pattern. i have lots of projects and goodies to share, i just need to find the time to upload them!

anyway, here's a recap of the past 2 weeks via instagram!
i spent a sunday morning at the long beach flea market. they had lots of awesome bits and baubles there and i had to pry myself away from a pair of blue cowboy boots. i did end up buying these skulls beads that i made into bracelets.
some of my favorite nights are ones spent reading at starbucks
last saturday i hung out at the park with these guys, a band called hollywood ending. 
cutest. ever.
taking a picture of taking a picture
i hung out at the koi pond for a little bit. it is so relaxing to watch the fish just swim around.
pretty fountains
i was in downtown orange, near chapman university, and found the cutest record store. i wanted to buy all his vinyl & 45's. i left with none :( 
i had a special treat! DUNKIN DONUTS. there were pumpkin munchkins in here. they were delicious. dear dd, please open up some west coast stores.
loved this outfit i threw together after waking up late for the native foods cooking demo. it was raining and i wanted to be warm and cozy and dress for fall. i had a good time at the event and vegan food > everything.
some mornings you just need a soy chai from starbucks.
i love car washes. i crank up the music and love the way it sounds mixed with the water.
pretty sunset over the pacific ocean driving back up north from san diego
my baby pumpkin
panera's black bean soup is so delicious.
sushi is delicious too. especially the sushi rolls on the bottom. tempura crab & mushrooms. yum.
life rearranged

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  1. Okay, all of these photos are adorbs!! You've made me hungry, want to go to a koi pond, and need starbucks, all in one post! How dare you!!