Wednesday, December 5, 2012

long time, no blog

Well hello there blog friends. Hope everyone had a great November! I've spent the past five weeks dealing with a horrible, stubborn sinus infection and have had no energy. I've been on a handful of different antibiotics (with lots of nasty side effects like insomnia, anxiety and nausea), dealt with too many Drs and spent a few hours in the ER, but finally one medicine seems to be working (along with a shot in the butt ;)). *fingers crossed*

It's been a challenge each day just to get through the day at work and concentrate and sadly my blog got placed on the back burner. 

I have done a few fun things that I hope to share the next few days pending I sleep tonight. I tossed and turned all last night which was not fun and ended up taking a sick day today because I was exhausted. 

Hope you month was way better than mine was & I'm looking forward to all December has in store!