Tuesday, December 31, 2013

au revoir 2013

I am not one bit sad to see 2013 give way to the fresh start of 2014. 2013 was a difficult year for me, marked with a lot of change and personal growth that was hard even though I am now in a better place because of it. My 2013 started with an ongoing 2 month battle with a sinus infection that had my doctors stumped. January was marked with a litany of medical tests, MRI's, CT Scans, X-Rays, specialists visits and too many blood draws. When they couldn't give me any answers and just gave me antibiotic after antibiotic that threw my body out of whack, I turned to alternative medicine & I'm so glad I did. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs got me back on the path of healing as did switching from pescatarian to a full fledged vegetarian and going gluten free.  It's been a long journey all through this year, but I'm feeling better each month. 

February brought with it a new exciting job offer to further my career in Michigan and a chance to be around family again. As sad as I was to leave California (& as much as I said I would never leave that glorious sunshine) I knew I needed to do it for my health and well being. My mom thankfully came out to help me pack and I had one last hurrah soaking up some of my favorite places in SoCal the last two weeks I was there- Lunch & people watching at the Grove, one last Allstar Weekend concert at House of Blues Anaheim with my favorite girls, two Disneyland trips, the San Diego Zoo, one last walk around Balboa Island (my absolute favorite place in California), walking the shore of Newport Beach, one last Bachelor Monday at my friend Jen's, Native Foods Cafe, Mother's Market, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Lunch at Fisherman's on the Wharf in San Clemente and one last drive down PCH to Laguna to eat at the Stand & watch the surfers at Thalia Street Beach. Oh & one last Burke Williams massage, there is seriously nothing like it. I also was traveled quite a bit in February, spending a weekend in downtown Toronto and in Chicago
March, April & May brought me my first winter in 5 years. I forgot how cold it could get in Michigan. I also met some new friends and explored Downtown Royal Oak a lot. I found two awesome vegan restaurants that I absolutely loved; Cacao Tree Cafe & Inn Seasons Cafe. They made my Mother's Market & Native Foods withdrawals a little bit easier! I saw Taylor Swift & Tim McGraw! I also went to a few advanced movie screenings which brought me back to an epic summer I spent in LA going to as many movie premieres as I could get passes to! 
June & July brought warm weather and the start of some summer fun! I went out on my aunt's boat as much as possible. I also went on a roadtrip with my friend Aly to see warped tour in Toronto, Buffalo & Detroit! I also got to see one of my dearest friends Kasey who lives near Toronto! July was all about the music. I also saw the Jonas Brothers for the last time ever in concert and saw OneRepublic for the second time this year.
August brought more traveling & adventures!! I spent a long weekend up in Traverse City & Elk Rapids, Michigan with my parents. I have been vacationing here with my family every summer since I was born and rarely missed a summer, even while in California. Elk Rapids is just a hidden gem and my absolute favorite place in the world to go. Just the best little town. It even tops my beloved Balboa Island. The weekend after this trip I went to visit my friend Courtney & we had the BEST time in NYC, CT & Atlantic City, NJ!! I am hoping to post a long overdue recap of these trips soon. So much adventure and so many laughs. August also marked a turning point for me professionally as I officially became a small business owner. I launched my photography website www.jenniferborisphotography.com after pouring my time and energy into creating it and shooting my little heart out for the past year. 
September brought with it my 26th Birthday & my baby sister's 21st Birthday. We are exactly 5 years & 1 day apart! I also enjoyed the entire 3 day Labor Day weekend out on the water having one last hurrah before summer ended. 
In October I went up to Ann Arbor for Michigan's homecoming weekend & I went to the football game with some of my best friends from college, Nicole & Shannon! If you have never been to a Michigan football game you are missing out. The atmosphere is unlike anything else. I also thoroughly enjoyed fall, my favorite season. I got to drive through the middle of Michigan to see the leaves changing colors with my mom & Grandma. I went to the pumpkin patch/ cider mill with my college roomie Meaghan who was in town from LA and dominated the difficult level 5 mile corn maze with my sister. I also saw Hanson & The Summer Set in concert and dressed up like the Star from Mario Kart and Where's Waldo for Halloween!
In November, I saw Matt Nathanson in concert as well as Hunter Hayes & Josh Gracin, who is from my hometown! I went to high school with his sister & my Dad knows his wife well from before he was on American Idol. I also celebrated Thanksgiving twice with family and ate lots of good non-turkey food. ;)

December brought the snow and freezing weather with it. I love being able to spend so much time with my family and cousins in December. There are always fun sleepovers! I got to go sledding for the first time in at least 10 years with my little cousins down the awesome hill my aunt and uncle have in their backyard! I also got to shoot my first wedding as a second shooter and I don't think I stopped smiling once that entire day! It was a fantastic blur. That was a turning point for me, one that helped me prove to myself that I could do this. Being a wedding photographer is my dream. I've always been a big dreamer and I hope I never stop chasing after them.

Here's to 2013 - the good and the bad. I'm glad I was able to grow personally and professionally in 2013 and hope that 2014 brings me health, happiness, a continued sense of self and some weddings to photograph. Life is a journey and I'm grateful for every year of mine. Cheers to all of those who read my blog and I hope all of your dreams and goals are realized in the year ahead.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

the best green juice

I have been juicing at home for about a year now & I am so hooked on fresh, cold-pressed green juice. I bought my first juicer, an 8004 Omega, last November when I was dealing with an icky sinus infection that WOULD. NOT. GO. AWAY. 

I was making twice daily trips to my nearest juice bar, my beloved Mother's Market in Southern California, & realized it was probably much more cost effective in the long run to buy my own juicer & juice my own organic veggies. 

That was definitely a smart move because when I moved to Michigan in February I discovered that they had definitely not caught onto the fresh juice craze like California had. Juice bars here are few and far between & at least 2-3 dollars more a glass than in California. Even the Whole Foods in Ann Arbor doesn't have a juice bar in it. When I asked a worker there where the juice bar was, he pointed me in the direction of the actual bar. Not quite the same thing.

I usually throw whatever organic veggies I have on hand into the juicer, but I try to always include lemon & ginger into every juice. This delicious green juicer was made from lemon, ginger, carrots, apples (2 since they are very small, but I would only use 1 normal size apple), cucumbers, a few handfuls of kale & some romaine leaves. 

Some other ingredients that I regularly juice are pea sprouts, parsley, dill, broccoli, celery, limes, chard and beets. 

"Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates

Saturday, November 16, 2013

red plaid & army green

Happy Fall Y'all!! I have been enjoying my first full Midwestern Fall in 5 years! It has been filled with crunching leaves, corn mazes, football games, the pumpkin patch, cold apple cider, picking fall mums, hot soup, a country drive through the middle of Michigan to see the fall colors and the leaves changing, and plaid! Lots & lots of plaid.

Glasses | Rayban
Plaid top | Urban Outfitters
Jacket: Target
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Forever 21
Heels: Old Navy

Monday, September 23, 2013

the weekly lust

In case you were wondering, here's what I'm lusting over this week...
My closet is like 99% striped clothing (well maybe actually 5%) but I am still drawn to stripes and this sweater is gorgeous! 

 OPI Mod About You is like the perfect pink - not too soft, not too bold, but just right. 

I want this Kate Spade mug to drink my tea in, even though I don't eat much cake lately since my doctor has me avoiding gluten. But it's just so cute and it's about desert and i'm so down with that! 

There are no less than 7 concerts that I'm dying to go to over the next 2 months, so lot of traveling to concert venues in my future. 

Finally, gluten free Samoa Girl Scout cookies. Need I say more?

For more of my current lusts, follow along on Pinterest.

What are you lusting after this week?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

skater girl

I felt like such a rebel in this outfit. Like a skater girl or grafitti artist or something. I think it was the acid wash jeans that made me channel that. Or the black laced back tank.Or these awesome loafer tennis shoes. Who know? But if I was a skater girl, I would totally wear this outfit to the skate park. Or to the grocery store... because that's totally where I wore it! ha.

black tank: Express
acid wash jeans: Nectar Clothing
loafers: Target. similar here, here & here.
peter pan necklace: from a LA street festival vendor. similar here.
Shades: Ray Ban

Saturday, July 13, 2013

bohemian rhapsody

It's Saturday! I woke up early and hit up Starbucks on the way to the lake. Nothing beats drinking an iced chai on a bench by the water. After downing the deliciousness, garage sale-ing was next on the agenda. I found a few awesome scores for my bedroom & as soon as I get a few more projects done and my drapes hemmed I will be posting some stylized shots of it. I also scored Petula Clark's Greatest Hits on vinyl that had Downtown on it! One of my favorite oldies songs.

top: AE | black jeans: Forever 21 | sandals: Old Navy | headband: Forever21

Friday, July 12, 2013

pebbles and pizza

 The triangle pattern of this dress made me feel like I was channeling Pebbles from the Flintstones all day. I just needed a bone in my hair. It also made me think of tiny little pizza slices. But what better way to celebrate Friday than with Pebbles & pizza? Besides lunch at Q'doba and a trip to Barnes & Noble... I did that too.

dress: Forever 21 | denim top: Forever 21 | fedora: Forever 21 | watch: Tourneau | bracelets: Express | shoes: vintage

Thursday, July 11, 2013

an acceptable level of floral

I just love the floral pattern on this scarf. It's bright, but not overpowering. The taupe tones it down to an acceptable level of floral because too much floral is never a good thing. Like floral wallpaper, yikes!  This was one of those purchases where I was on the fence about it and didn't buy it only to return to the mall a few hours later to purchase it because I kept thinking about it. I've come to accept that this happens to me sometimes. At least its better than buyer's remorse.

Anyways, I paired the scarf with a striped shirt I tied up and my high low skirt, aka the party skirt. It's kind of like a reverse mullet, business in the back (moonlighting as a respectable maxi skirt) and party in the front (mini skirt!!). The best of both worlds I tell you!

scarf: Forever 21 | shirt: H&M | skirt: Express | heels: Old Navy | wrap bracelet: LF

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

this girl is on fire

Doesn't that first picture just scream Katniss from the Hunger Games - the girl on fire - with the way the light hits her hair as she runs?  Anyways, I photographed the gorgeous Sara at a park near the woods in Sterling Heights, MI a few weeks ago just as the sun was setting. The lighting was JUST. SO. PERFECT! We had a lot of fun running around taking photographs. I am really proud and exited about how these images turned out and I can't wait to watch my photography business and skills continue to grow in the future.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

stars and stripes

I spent the long Fourth of July weekend celebrating America in Canada. The weekend was filled with a lot of rain, friends, adventures, laughing, driving, walking and music. We hung out in downtown Toronto, had dinner on the water in Hamilton & went to Warped Tour in Toronto & Buffalo! Oh and we stopped for coffee at the original Tim Horton's aka the best coffee chain in the world (besides my beloved coffee bean & tea leaf).