Saturday, February 23, 2013


if you didn't notice in my last post... 

1) my hair is blonde!!!!

and 2) there is snow in the background.

dorothy, we're not in southern california anymore.

the past month has been a whirlwind. i got offered a new position, which enabled me to move up and further my career, quit my current job, packed up my life, sold my car (bye bye my mustang, i'll always love you), said goodbye to my friends, the warm weather, palm trees, smog, traffic and expensive rent, and moved back to where i grew up in michigan.

since i've been here, i unpacked my life, started my new job, bought a car and dyed my hair. 

i have had way too many changes in a month, but i just kind of went for it and it's been working itself out so far. knock on wood.

so many people are shocked i would leave orange county for metro detroit, but it's where my family is and it's been tough not having them around for the last 4 years while living out my dreams on the opposite side of the country. this move will also provide me with a chance to start working towards a few more of my dreams that i wasn't able to in california due to various roadblocks. there will be much more on the blog about this in the future as i know what direction i want this to head and what i have to do to get there.

hopefully from here on out blog posts will be much more consistent.

i also got new glasses. nerd status. ;)

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