Sunday, February 24, 2013


I've spoke a little bit about why I named my blog "Little Miss Wanderlust" here and here. To me, the world never seemed big enough and I always wanted more. More travel, more experiences, more life, more laughter, more adventures, more love, more music, more everything. Just more.

I've always been a dreamer and this lust for life and adventure is what led me to box up my entire life and move over 2,000 miles from home to Los Angeles with nothing more than a freshly printed college diploma and a dream. I was barely 21. I was from the Midwest. I was Naive. I was Green. I was Fearless. and I was just winging it. I ended up in so many different situations that I dreamed of but never thought were possible. I went to movie premieres, ended up on tv and movie sets (I mean I was five feet from Sofia Coppola as she directed a scene for her movie Somewhere when I was her publicist's assistant), walked red carpets, and met some really great people. I ended up on tv, backstage at awards shows and at parties with those I had previously only seen in magazines and on the tv. Some I still talk to, some I let go of as I became more jaded and my eyes opened up. 

Eventually, work led me to call Orange County home. South of all the glitz and glamour of LA, I still had the same tendencies. See more. Do more. Discover more. Live more. I learned how to ride a horse. I walked miles along the water every week just staring at the ocean lost in the music pouring out of my headphones and the thoughts that ran wild in my head. Disneyland became my playground. I started this blog this past year to document my lust for life and adventures, both the extraordinary ones and the everyday ones.

I thought long and hard about what to call my blog which is why when the singer of one of my favorite bands, Alexander DeLeon of The Cab, got a tattoo of the word "Wanderlust" on his chest recently I was blown away. He is one of my idols. His ability to put pen to paper and create these beautiful, perfect lyrics, which often serve as the background music to my own adventures, is such an inspiration to me. He has a kind heart and such an incredible zest for life and for adventure and seeing the world. I am honored to be drawn to the same word as him that clearly holds so much meaning in his heart (tattoos are permanent!!!). Wanderlust. This word. This emotion. One that he feels describes his life and I feel describes mine. It makes me feel like I have a connection to him. Kindred spirits linked by this desire to see the world and experience everything it has to offer. I hope I never lose this desire and lust for life and I hope he never does either. 

Alex, here's to the feelings behind "wanderlust" and to living it out everyday of our lives. Cheers!

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