Sunday, March 24, 2013

diy polaroid picture wall heart

I just love polaroids. There is something so iconic and pure about them. I love their colors and their imperfections. This was my favorite part of my room in California. I created this awesome heart motif on my wall out of polaroid pictures. It held a lot of wonderful memories and I loved looking at it everyday. As different pictures would catch my eye during the day, it would take me back to that time. It's also a great way to display a lot of photos at once. 

It was super easy and inexpensive. All you need are 53 polaroids and a roll of tape. I put a piece of rolled up scotch tape in all four corners of each photo in order to securely adhere it on the wall. It is easiest if you start from the bottom with a single polaroid and work your way up the rows from the middle out. Just make sure you leave enough room for all the rows before you hit the ceiling and that your rows are straight! It surprisingly only took an hour to put up and took even less time to peel all of the tape off of the photos when I moved last month. It didn't damage the walls, the paint or the photos either, so it a is great way to decorate and get some artwork up on your walls if you are in a dorm room or are renting. I think it looks best if you mix polaroids of people with ones of objects and scenery to give it some variety.

I'm debating if I'm going to put it back up in my new room or try something different with some Instagram prints I recently printed. Decisions, decisions.

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