Sunday, March 10, 2013

vintage prince concert tees

shirt - vintage Prince | leggings - Zara (last season) | booties - MTNG from LF Stores | Chevron necklace & bracelets - Forever 21 | gold ring - H&M 

Music makes me happy. So does vintage concert tees and my growing collection of them. I found this 1988 Prince lovesexy tee from when he toured that album a few years ago on eBay. I had been wanting it for a while and it took me a few months to even find one. It wasn't my size, but I scooped it up anyways. I guess it's a good thing that oversized shirts are so in right now. 

I wore this tee to a concert yesterday to see one of my favorite bands, The Summer Set. Fabulous show. Fabulous musicians. Fabulous band. If you haven't heard of them, check them out! They played a new song of their upcoming album, Boomerang, and it has been on repeat on my iTunes all morning.


  1. What a cute outfit. Love the booties.

  2. So cute! Loving your booties and your shirt!
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