Saturday, July 13, 2013

bohemian rhapsody

It's Saturday! I woke up early and hit up Starbucks on the way to the lake. Nothing beats drinking an iced chai on a bench by the water. After downing the deliciousness, garage sale-ing was next on the agenda. I found a few awesome scores for my bedroom & as soon as I get a few more projects done and my drapes hemmed I will be posting some stylized shots of it. I also scored Petula Clark's Greatest Hits on vinyl that had Downtown on it! One of my favorite oldies songs.

top: AE | black jeans: Forever 21 | sandals: Old Navy | headband: Forever21

Friday, July 12, 2013

pebbles and pizza

 The triangle pattern of this dress made me feel like I was channeling Pebbles from the Flintstones all day. I just needed a bone in my hair. It also made me think of tiny little pizza slices. But what better way to celebrate Friday than with Pebbles & pizza? Besides lunch at Q'doba and a trip to Barnes & Noble... I did that too.

dress: Forever 21 | denim top: Forever 21 | fedora: Forever 21 | watch: Tourneau | bracelets: Express | shoes: vintage

Thursday, July 11, 2013

an acceptable level of floral

I just love the floral pattern on this scarf. It's bright, but not overpowering. The taupe tones it down to an acceptable level of floral because too much floral is never a good thing. Like floral wallpaper, yikes!  This was one of those purchases where I was on the fence about it and didn't buy it only to return to the mall a few hours later to purchase it because I kept thinking about it. I've come to accept that this happens to me sometimes. At least its better than buyer's remorse.

Anyways, I paired the scarf with a striped shirt I tied up and my high low skirt, aka the party skirt. It's kind of like a reverse mullet, business in the back (moonlighting as a respectable maxi skirt) and party in the front (mini skirt!!). The best of both worlds I tell you!

scarf: Forever 21 | shirt: H&M | skirt: Express | heels: Old Navy | wrap bracelet: LF

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

this girl is on fire

Doesn't that first picture just scream Katniss from the Hunger Games - the girl on fire - with the way the light hits her hair as she runs?  Anyways, I photographed the gorgeous Sara at a park near the woods in Sterling Heights, MI a few weeks ago just as the sun was setting. The lighting was JUST. SO. PERFECT! We had a lot of fun running around taking photographs. I am really proud and exited about how these images turned out and I can't wait to watch my photography business and skills continue to grow in the future.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

stars and stripes

I spent the long Fourth of July weekend celebrating America in Canada. The weekend was filled with a lot of rain, friends, adventures, laughing, driving, walking and music. We hung out in downtown Toronto, had dinner on the water in Hamilton & went to Warped Tour in Toronto & Buffalo! Oh and we stopped for coffee at the original Tim Horton's aka the best coffee chain in the world (besides my beloved coffee bean & tea leaf).