Thursday, July 11, 2013

an acceptable level of floral

I just love the floral pattern on this scarf. It's bright, but not overpowering. The taupe tones it down to an acceptable level of floral because too much floral is never a good thing. Like floral wallpaper, yikes!  This was one of those purchases where I was on the fence about it and didn't buy it only to return to the mall a few hours later to purchase it because I kept thinking about it. I've come to accept that this happens to me sometimes. At least its better than buyer's remorse.

Anyways, I paired the scarf with a striped shirt I tied up and my high low skirt, aka the party skirt. It's kind of like a reverse mullet, business in the back (moonlighting as a respectable maxi skirt) and party in the front (mini skirt!!). The best of both worlds I tell you!

scarf: Forever 21 | shirt: H&M | skirt: Express | heels: Old Navy | wrap bracelet: LF


  1. I completely agree with you that floral print is something that it's very easy to go overboard on--but it's good in small doses! Very pretty outfit!