Monday, September 23, 2013

the weekly lust

In case you were wondering, here's what I'm lusting over this week...
My closet is like 99% striped clothing (well maybe actually 5%) but I am still drawn to stripes and this sweater is gorgeous! 

 OPI Mod About You is like the perfect pink - not too soft, not too bold, but just right. 

I want this Kate Spade mug to drink my tea in, even though I don't eat much cake lately since my doctor has me avoiding gluten. But it's just so cute and it's about desert and i'm so down with that! 

There are no less than 7 concerts that I'm dying to go to over the next 2 months, so lot of traveling to concert venues in my future. 

Finally, gluten free Samoa Girl Scout cookies. Need I say more?

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What are you lusting after this week?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

skater girl

I felt like such a rebel in this outfit. Like a skater girl or grafitti artist or something. I think it was the acid wash jeans that made me channel that. Or the black laced back tank.Or these awesome loafer tennis shoes. Who know? But if I was a skater girl, I would totally wear this outfit to the skate park. Or to the grocery store... because that's totally where I wore it! ha.

black tank: Express
acid wash jeans: Nectar Clothing
loafers: Target. similar here, here & here.
peter pan necklace: from a LA street festival vendor. similar here.
Shades: Ray Ban