Sunday, November 17, 2013

the best green juice

I have been juicing at home for about a year now & I am so hooked on fresh, cold-pressed green juice. I bought my first juicer, an 8004 Omega, last November when I was dealing with an icky sinus infection that WOULD. NOT. GO. AWAY. 

I was making twice daily trips to my nearest juice bar, my beloved Mother's Market in Southern California, & realized it was probably much more cost effective in the long run to buy my own juicer & juice my own organic veggies. 

That was definitely a smart move because when I moved to Michigan in February I discovered that they had definitely not caught onto the fresh juice craze like California had. Juice bars here are few and far between & at least 2-3 dollars more a glass than in California. Even the Whole Foods in Ann Arbor doesn't have a juice bar in it. When I asked a worker there where the juice bar was, he pointed me in the direction of the actual bar. Not quite the same thing.

I usually throw whatever organic veggies I have on hand into the juicer, but I try to always include lemon & ginger into every juice. This delicious green juicer was made from lemon, ginger, carrots, apples (2 since they are very small, but I would only use 1 normal size apple), cucumbers, a few handfuls of kale & some romaine leaves. 

Some other ingredients that I regularly juice are pea sprouts, parsley, dill, broccoli, celery, limes, chard and beets. 

"Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates

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