Thursday, January 9, 2014

get organized in 2014

One of my goals in 2014 is to get organized. And by organized, I mean ORGANIZED. I'm attacking everything - clutter, clothing, paper, time management, meal plans & recipes, my daily schedule, weekly schedule, monthly schedule, and my business.

But first I need a new day planner. Above was my 2013 planner and it went everywhere with me. As nice as technology is, I like having a physical planner to hold onto & look at. Plus, there's no chance of it crashing & everything being lost. Not that that's happened before...

Here are a few 2014 planners I have my eye on.
I love the black & white stripes and the gold accents.

I love the simplicity & size of this beautiful watercolor planner.

Gray & coral stripes. So in love with this design!

I'm clearly trending towards stripes for 2014. I also saw a gold & brown kraft paper striped planner at Target that I loved but I can't find it online. I'm hoping to get a new planner within the next few days as it's driving me crazy not to have anywhere to write my plans & tasks down!

Are you a paper & pen kind of gal or do you put everything in your smart phone?


  1. Hi Dear- I found this site that you might like the other day...It's a local company here and they have really cute stuff to organize! I keep meaning to order one.

    Jess Bryson

    1. Those planners are so cute Jess!!! Thanks for passing it along to me. :)